Breast Augmentation

We provide patients with a wide variety of breast augmentation, enlargement and implant techniques. Augmentation of the breast, also commonly known as breast implants or breast enlargement, is done for helping sculpt the breasts so its shape achieves a desired look for a particular patient. Women often find that breast augmentation gives them a look and feel and a level of self-confidence in today’s society.

There are a wide number of options when deciding on breast augmentation, such as the type of implant (saline or silicone based), placement of the implant itself (sublandular, submuscular, and dual plane), along with incision and insertion of the implant. We will personally consult with you regarding what type of implant to use, where it will be placed, and the incision to be made for the breast implant to be inserted. Because all patients have different needs, you can be rest assured that we will give you the best possible expert medical advice regarding breast surgeon services.

Breast enhancement and implants represents a certain level of sophistication, and you choose a surgeon who is fully capable of performing such complex procedures with absolute confidence.