Breast revision

If you are experiencing any of the following breast implant problems, we can correct it and give you the physique you are looking for:

• Encapsulation (Capsular Contracture)

• Botched Prior Augmentation

• Flawed Breast Reconstruction

• Ruptured Breast Implants

Capsular Contracture

Through the body’s own natural reaction to a foreign object (breast implant), sometimes a “capsular contracture” can occur. Every breast, after receiving an implant, will work to form a scar tissue capsule around the new foreign object. This is a normal part of the healing process that occurs.

For some of our patients, however, the scar tissue is too tight and squeezes on the breast implant. The result is a change in the shape of the breast, asymmetry in the size, and anything from slight discomfort to moderate pain in the affected breast(s). Fortunately, one of our skilled New York breast surgeons can help fix this.

Capsular contracture can occur with either type of breast implant (silicone or saline), is generally fixed with surgical intervention, and can reoccur in patients prone to this condition. Only a specialist such as one of our plastic surgeons can determine the best course of treatment after a thorough examination and learning more about the patient’s history.

Botched Breast Augmentation?

Due to the increase in popularity of breast augmentation procedures as well as unethical “price wars” between surgery centers, we are seeing an ever-increasing number of breast implant problems in patients who have received a substandard augmentation from another provider. Breast surgeons without specific training in plastic surgery are performing augmentations in order to “jump on the bandwagon” and make some quick cash.

Additionally, we are seeing an unfortunate increase in plastic surgery centers that operate on cheap prices and sheer volume alone (the more patients they see, the lower their prices). These are not proper principles for professionalism or patient safety!

We are glad to perform breast augmentation revision for our patients with the understanding that you get what you pay for. We offer only the best to our breast implants patients; highly-qualified surgeons, top safety standards, and competitive pricing (as compared to what equally-qualified surgeons in the area are charging).

Flawed Breast Reconstruction

After a breast lift or breast reconstruction following a mastectomy, unfortunately some breast surgery patients are dissatisfied with their results. It could be due to any number of reasons including excessive scar tissue at the incision site (keloid scarring), asymmetry of the breasts (unevenness), or less-than-desired breast size.

If any of these are the case for you, then a breast revision procedure may be in order. Our highly skilled surgeons will talk to you in depth about your specific concerns and personalize a surgery plan to meet your aesthetic goals. We work very hard to help our patients achieve satisfaction with their surgical results… that’s a major difference that you will experience with us!

Leaking or Ruptured Breast Implants

When a breast implant ruptures, it can either occur suddenly or gradually over time. Sometimes the rupture spontaneously occurs without provocation due to a defect in the breast implant, for example. Other times, it is simply a result of the age of the implants (usually at 10 years or older) or as the result of a sudden physical strain on the breast implant, such as can occur with an accident.

Whether the implant is filled with saline or silicone, it must be removed promptly. Any breast implant problems that occur, especially because it is a foreign object in the body, must be handled right away. Implants can be a potential source for bacterial infection.

Patients may experience one of more of the following symptoms if they have leaking or ruptured breast implants:

• Decrease in the size of one of the breasts, either suddenly or over time

• Pain or tenderness in the affected breast

• Tingling or burning sensation, numbness, or lumps in the affected breast (silicone implants)

• Red rash and/or chest pain (saline implants) which could signify the start of an infection due to bacteria or mold-laden saline escaping into the breast.

No matter your individual situation, our caring and skilled breast implant surgeons are here to help. We’ll take all the time you need to discuss every possible concern and solution with you during your consultation. Every question will be answered and you’ll be better prepared to make the right decision about what your next step should be.