Head and Neck Surgery has provided comprehensive, individualized care for patients in need of diagnosis, treatment and research of diseases of the ear, nose and throat.
For more many years, Allied Surgery Center Department of Otorhinolaryngology.

[su_heading]ENT Surgical Procedures[/su_heading]

A multidisciplinary approach is at the forefront of our practice. This means our patients benefit from collaboration with a wide range of Montefiore specialists, including physicians, specialized surgeons, otologists, audiologists, physiologists and speech therapists.

Available services include:

• Audiology and speech pathology

• Bronchoesophagology

• Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery

• Pediatric otorhinolaryngology

• Head and neck cancer

• Voice Disorders (Laryngology)

• Thyroid diseases

• Neurotology

• Otology

• Nasal and Sinus Disease (Rhinology)

• Sleep medicine


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