Gluteal Augmentation

Gluteal augmentation services can help give you a more rounded, curvier buttock appearance. Also commonly known as butt augmentation, Brazil or Brazilian butt lift, gluteal lifts, gluteal shaping or even gluteoplasty, it allows to take fat from other parts of the body, replanting and replacing it on the buttocks area. Additionally, implants can also be used for helping create a fuller and plumper buttocks area.

As we all age, our buttocks can begin to sag over time, resulting in a dropped and “flat” look from behind. Even worse, extreme dieting and exercise many times doesn’t help and actually worsens the look and feel of your buttocks because extreme exercise can remove what little fat is actually left.

Gluteal augmentation and butt lifts can either be performed with implants or with fat transplant. Notable features and benefits of each procedure are the following:

Gluteal or butt lifts via fat transplant

• Fat is collected through a liposuction process, then purified

• Donor fat is then transferred to the buttocks area as needed

• Hundreds of tiny injections allow the fat to be transferred evenly and as needed

Gluetal or butt lifts via implants

• Implants (silicone based) can come in a variety of shapes and sizes

• Incisions are very inconspicuous

• Permanent, lasting results for a rounder, more pleasant look for the buttocks